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Heritage Historical Village, 900 Montgomery Street, New London, Wisconsin

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The classroom in the Triangle Schoolhouse

The Triangle School was built in late 1857 in the Town of Hortonia.  It was first called the Elms School because of surrounding trees; then became known as the Triangle School in 1937 after Highway 45 went through (now Highway 15).
The school closed in 1948 with the consolidation of school districts in the area.  It remained closed to the public until 1977 when the Historical Society purchased it.  It was used at its original site until 1990 when it was moved to the historical village.  The school still contains many of the original furnishings and school pieces including a sand table, clock, and water cooler.

Log cabin was originally built by a family from IrelandIn 1993, the historical society was offered a Log Cabin if they would remove it from Larry Gitter's farm and bring it to the village.

The cabin was dismantled and transported to the village, then rebuilt on the edge of the woods to give the impression of how it must have looked in its youth.  It was originally built around 1850-51.

The McLaughlin family, who built the cabin, came to the U.S. from Ireland in about 1832, settling first in Canada.  Around 1850 the family moved to the Lebanon Township in Waupaca County.

The octagon house as shown from the back

At the time the Octagon House was built in New London, approximately 1867-68, it was considered an architectural feat.

In addition to its eight-sided shape, it was quite a showplace in its time.  The parlor was complete with pump organ, plush couches, and large framed portraits on easels.

 A cupola on the roof topped a spiral staircase in the center of the house.

The house was built on N. Shawano St. near where the Chamber of Commerce is located.  The house was moved first to Hillshire land Pfeifer Park and then to the historical village in 1989.  It is furnished today with period pieces donated by community residents.

The village's non-denominational chapelThe Village Chapel held its first worship services in 1949. Often referred to as "the little white church on McKinley Street", was on a portion of the property now occupied by the Police Department. Originally the building was the Three Pines School and was located in the Township of Liberty east of New London.  It became home to the Evangelical United Brethren Church which merged with the Methodists in 1968.

The chapel was donated to the society in August of 1991 and moved to the village.  It has been furnished as a non-denominational chapel set aside for worship and personal meditation.  The chapel is also available for weddings, renewal of vows and more.  Religious books and artifacts from community churches complete the chapel.

A Garage from the former Edison / Simmons facility in 2006 was added to the historical village.  It was once owned by Thomas Alva Edison to produce phonograph cabinets and later Edison Little Folks' Furniture. A 'London' model Edison Phonograph that was named after New London, WI  is on display in the Octagon House.

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