Railroad Depot Museum 
Heritage Historical Village, 900 Montgomery Street, New London, Wisconsin  54961

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The village's train depot

The Train Depot at the historical village is the former passenger train depot for the C&NW railroad which was located on East Beacon Avenue.  The depot was built in 1923, replacing the original station that dated from the 1870's.  In 1905, eight passenger trains per day called at New London.  Trains with names such as 'The Flambeau', 'The Twin Cities Express', and 'The Fox River Express' took travelers to cities such as Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and Ashland.

The last passenger and mail trains came through New London in 1954.  Freight trains continued to

An example of what is displayed in the train depotuse the depot until 1982 when the railroad closed the agency.  The depot stood empty for several years and was moved to its current location at the entrance to Memorial Park in 1987. Inside the Depot - The village's Chicago and North Western depot contains displays of railroad artifacts and memorabilia.

Shown to the left and below are a few examples of the museum's exhibits.Lanterns on display in the depot

Did you know that New London was once a ski-town?  In the depot you can view a ski train schedule of yesteryear.  It features a special Sunday "Ski Time"  train that came to New London from Chicago via Milwaukee for skiing at 'Mo-Ski-Tow Heights'  (Mosquito Hill).

View the collection of
railroad equipment that includes a diesel engine, boxcar, and two cabooses.

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